1. Happy 23rd Birthday Tyler Posey! (October 18, 1991)

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#TBT - Tom Hardy photographed by Richard Phibbs (2008) (x)


    #TBT - Tom Hardy photographed by Richard Phibbs (2008) (x)

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Wizard World Austin 2014 sketch
Fashionized sea witch for ya.



    Wizard World Austin 2014 sketch

    Fashionized sea witch for ya.

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  7. I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad.

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    It isn’t that men haven’t been called to the conversation, but rather that they’ve constantly rejected the invitation. Men have consistently and deliberately turned to women in feminist movements and said that their concerns are not urgent, or important, or even real. They’ve sought ways to blame women for the oppression they face, or in the most charitable version of events, attempted to derail conversations by saying, “The real issue is…” Some men flat out deny there is a problem at all, while some of even the self-proclaimed progressive men try to find ways to again center men in the fight for equality and justice.

    And here lies another issue. Even the men willing to come to the table after accepting the invitation often refuse to be made uncomfortable. There’s no progress to be had if in order to get men engaged they are allowed to remain ensconced in their privilege. That defeats the purpose. The necessary work of feminist movement will challenge men to understand their complicity and require them to complete very difficult tasks. That’s what revolution is.
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    I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, since my Outlander circle here is sort of small, but Ronald D. Moore actually has a sort of producer commentary podcast that just rocks my socks off.

    His wife, who is also the costume designer, is featured on the podcast as well, and they talk about the show as they’re watching it live, so it really does work well as episode commentary if you have the ability to rewatch eps this early. I think it’s really cool to get something like this now instead of waiting for it on DVD.

    I came across it accidentially, so I wanted to share. I use iTunes, so I’m not sure if it’s on any other podcast network, but I’d check it out if you can. :)